The Most Common Causes of Under Eye Dark Circles

We’ve all experienced having under eye dark circles. If you are currently suffering from this unattractive problem right now, you are probably trying to find the solution. However, before you try various treatments for the condition you have to understand that there are several possible causes. This means that the best treatment is different depending on the actual cause of the problem.

One of the most common causes of under eye dark circles is genetics. If this is the culprit then the best treatment is the combination of a healthy lifestyle and using a good eye cream that targets under eye dark circles. The same treatment works best when the cause is aging. Over time, the skin in the eye becomes thinner resulting to the dark circles along with other signs of skin aging.

Another common cause is sleep deprivation. Aside from eye bags, under eye dark circles can also occur due to long-term sleep deprivation. If this is the cause then getting enough sleep is the best treatment. In some cases, the cause is seasonal allergies which inflame the blood vessels in the area around the eyes. If allergies are the cause of the under eye dark circles then the best treatment is to determine and avoid the allergens or to use antihistamines.

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